What Should One Know about Lasix

Every year, about 30 million prescriptions for Lasix are given in the United States only. This preparation is considered one of the most effective diuretics. It is recommended in patients suffering from liver, kidney, or cardiovascular disorders that cause fluid retention in the extremities and the bowel. Lasix is also often applied in those dealing with high blood pressure.

Since 1964, when Lasix was first approved for medical use, this drug remains one of the most often prescribed water pills. It has even been added to the WHO’s List of Essential Medicines. The use of Lasix is prohibited in professional sportsmen unless they need it for medical reasons. The thing is that this preparation can speed up the excretion of the banned medications, and thus, mask the use of doping.

The Way This Medication Works

Lasix is a representative of the class of loop diuretics. Its active ingredient is called furosemide. This drug works by reducing the absorption of salt in the human body. It’s known that salt holds water. This may cause edema in people with certain health problems. By reducing the amounts of salt, the amounts of water that builds up in the organism go down. As a result, the patient’s condition improves, and edema subsides.

Due to the effects, this medication induces on the human body, a person will feel the need to urinate quite often. The higher the dose of the preparation is, the more urine you’ll excrete.

The time of the onset of action of Lasix depends on whether you take a tablet form of the medication or injection. In pills, the preparation starts working approximately one hour after the administration. The injection of Lasix will come into effect within five minutes. The injections are commonly applied in hospitals and are recommended for severe cases of edema.

Drug Dosages and Recommendations on the Dosing Regimen

One can order Lasix online in the following dosage strengths: 20 mg, 40 mg, and 80 mg. The dosage you are prescribed depends on the severity of your condition and your response to the medication. It is generally advised to use the lowest effective dose of the drug to minimize the risks for dehydration and some other unwanted effects.

There are no common recommendations concerning the daily dose of Lasix. Therefore, it should be determined individually based on the achieved efficiency of the treatment. The initial dose of Lasix in patients with edema ranges from 20 mg to 80 mg given as a single dose. If the therapeutic effect hasn’t been achieved, the dose intake may be repeated at least 6 – 8 hours later. The dose titration should be done by 20 – 40mg until improvements occur. The maximum daily dose of Lasix is 600 mg, divided into two intakes. Patients administering doses higher than 80 mg a day may need their condition to be monitored regularly.

Because Lasix will make you visit the bathroom more often than usual, it is not advised to use this preparation later than four hours before bedtime to have a sound sleep at night. Food has no impact on the drug absorption, so you may take it either with or without a meal. For edema, the therapy with Lasix may last for 3 – 4 days weekly.

If needed to be used in children, the Lasix dose should be calculated, taking into account the weight of the patient. The minimum effective daily dose is 2 mg/kg. The safe daily maximum is 6 mg/kg.

For hypertension treatment, the starting dose of Lasix should be 80 mg a day, divided into two intakes. Aged patients may need their dose to be reduced to prevent the development of side effects.

What One Should Be Careful of When on Lasix?

The main thing to take care of during the Lasix therapy is hydration. Lasix is a water pill, which means it stimulates water excretion from the body. If not drinking enough water, this preparation may cause dehydration in a person taking it. The risk of dehydration increases if you have other health problems, like diarrhea or vomiting. Excessive sweating may also be a problem when on Lasix. To prevent any health issues associated with the lack of water in the body, call your GP for a consultation, and drink enough water.

Another thing to keep an eye on is your blood sugar levels. This recommendation is for diabetics. It’s quite often that this category of patients takes Lasix as diabetes may do much harm to the kidneys, thus causing edema. Intake of Lasix improves the water excretion, yet it may also make your blood glucose levels go up. Regular monitoring of blood sugar is needed to adjust the dose of the medication and minimize the risks for hyperglycemia.

Reducing the amounts of the body fluids, Lasix may influence your skin condition, making it dry and more sensitive to the sun. As a result, the probability of getting sunburns increases significantly. Use high SPF sunscreen and wear clothes protecting your skin from direct sun.

Increased water excretion can cause some electrolyte deficit. To prevent it, make changes to your diet by adding potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus-rich foods.

Lasix can be the reason for dizziness. It may be dangerous to drive a car or operate machinery in such a condition. Please, avoid such activities until you know your body’s reaction to the drug.

Use in pregnancy is allowed only when the benefits for the mother prevail on the risks for the fetus. Lasix may reduce the amounts of milk produced in lactating women. Therefore, the use of the medication, as well as the possibility to continue breastfeeding the baby, should be discussed with a medical specialist.

Lasix Food and Drug Interactions

When mixed with some other medications, Lasix can be less effective. It is also possible that furosemide will interfere with the action of other drugs, thus reducing their efficiency. The most dangerous thing to happen is an increase in the frequency and severity of the side effects of medications interacting with Lasix. To avoid any of the mentioned scenarios, you should adjust the doses or never combine Lasix with the following medicines:

Talk with your doctor to know the full list of drugs that interact with Lasix.

Except for the drug interactions, concomitant intake of Lasix with alcohol may increase the risks for unwanted reactions. Ethanol works in synergy with furosemide, thus exacerbating the blood-pressure-lowering effect of the preparation. As a result, a person may feel dizziness, lightheadedness, and other signs of low blood pressure. Also, alcohol causes dehydration, so combining it with Lasix, you can exacerbate your health condition. The same effects are likely to develop when you mix Lasix with marijuana.

Lasix. Contraindications for Intake

Despite all the benefits one can get from this medication in the treatment of edema, some patients should never administer this drug as their risks for severe adverse effects are very high.

Possible Adverse Reactions to Lasix

The incidence of side effects depends on the stage of the treatment. Those who only begin the therapy are more likely to feel dizzy or lightheaded. Blurred vision and headaches are also more common in such patients. As your body gets used to the effects of Lasix, these reactions will improve and gradually disappear. However, if any of them persist or get worse, consult a doctor.

As for more serious reactions, they include:

Such adverse reactions need medical attention. Contact your healthcare provider for instructions or go to the nearest clinic.

In case you experience a hypersensitivity reaction, which shows through swelling of the face, tongue, throat, neck, rash, and trouble breathing, call an emergency room.

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