Useless and dangerous medicine “from the heart”

Among the many cardiac drugs, there are practically no harmless drugs. Each has its own side effects, sometimes minor, and sometimes serious. Homeopaths say that their method of treatment is the safest as opposed to traditional pharmacological. The most dangerous READ MORE

Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome

Treatment of nephrotic syndrome will depend on the underlying cause of the syndrome. Therefore, it is important that the most likely cause is identified during the diagnostic process to allow optimal treatment decisions to be made. The main goal of READ MORE

The promise of new drugs against hyperkalemia

Matthew R. Weir, MD, is director of the division of nephrology and professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. Dr. Weir was the principal investigator of a clinical trial that demonstrated patient safety and READ MORE

Diuretics: useful or harmful?

Feeling tired? Swollen? Or maybe you have some swelling in your feet or hands, excess body weight or you have been told you have high blood pressure. A common remedy for some of these conditions might be to get diuretics READ MORE

Furosemide low dose did not prevent worsening of AKI

The use of low doses of furosemide in critically ill patients did not prevent the worsening of acute kidney injury (ARF), the researchers reported here. In the randomized controlled trial SPARK, loop diuretic furosemide (Lasix) had no significant impact on READ MORE

Long-term albumin survives in liver failure.

People with advanced liver cirrhosis saw better survival and spent less time in the hospital after treatment with human albumin for 18 months, a researcher reported here. Participants who received long-term albumin therapy in the ANSWER study experienced fewer complications READ MORE