Use of Furosemide during pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially in the last few months, many expectant mothers are suffering from swelling of the hands and feet. Some women suffer from so-called internal swelling. Such edema is not visible at all. You can detect them only periodically weighing. If the body weight grows to three hundred or four hundred grams in seven days, it is clearly a hidden swelling. Someone wants to fight this phenomenon with the help of diuretics, and specifically with furosemide. First of all, no diuretic should be taken in any way, including this remedy without prescribing a doctor.

Furosemide in pregnancy is used exclusively for special indications and only in severe cases. This drug quickly removes excess fluid from the body. Use it to relieve the condition of a pregnant woman during severe gestosis. In such cases, an injection liquid is used, which is poured intravenously. In just a couple of minutes, the liquid begins to disappear.

Sometimes this drug is used and for rapid reduction of pressure in pregnant women with gestosis. Sometimes it is prescribed in the form of tablets. In this case, you should drink one furosemide pill every morning. The course of treatment is appointed only by the attending physician. Before taking the drug should carefully study the annotation to the drug, as it has a number of contraindications to the use. But usually the therapy of a pregnant woman using furosemide passes exclusively in the hospital under the constant supervision of the doctor.

When I was pregnant, I was prescribed a diuretic, but completely different. Not furosemide. I read that it is dangerous for the development of the child, and for mother, too, is not too useful. But I drank this diuretic only once and did not drink any more. Because all pregnant women have swelling. I had not more edema than the others. Why should I harm my child by taking all sorts of suspicious medications? I decided that I did not need this and was absolutely right.